Teachers of IELTS, TOEFL, OET, PTE and CAE are the heart and soul of this online service!


If you have qualifications, experience, expertise and passion for any of the above English proficiency testing systems, you are most welcome to participate in this valuable online service by joining as a Vendor.

Benefits of Becoming a Vendor

When you join as a vendor with us, you simply upload your digitized material, such as notes, sample tests, sample test answers, corrections of past test attempts, etc.

  • Earn part time income from material you already possess!
  • Sell your material while you sleep!
  • Sell your material to a global and local audience!
  • Use your saleable and free download material for marketing your tutorial services.

Appeal to Global Audience

There are numerous types of study aides not widely available to students of the 5 testing systems on the internet or in bookstores. Your material would be unique and can contain many useful insights and helpful information to assist students reach their target band scores.

Sample Test Material and Sample Responses – In Very High Demand

A resource in high demand for many students is sample test material, in particular responses graded and critiqued.

Bundles of sample test responses around target band scores is particularly useful, for example, IELTS band 7 sample responses.

Join Today and Start Reaching a Global Audience

Visafaq offers migration advice and assistance to migrants and aspirational migrants across the world. Join today to access this growing market with products and services to assist in their English language proficiency test preparation and EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP!

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